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WhatsUp Gold Flow Publisher

Flow monitoring for the whole network without changing your infrastructure.

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Flow Publisher Overview

You know your network better than anyone else. Yet when your users complain that web pages are taking too long to load, or a critical internal application is timing out, you’re often at a loss to explain why. After all, users are only focused on whether their business applications are working right, while you have to think about much more, including managing the infrastructure that delivers those applications. So while you work hard to keep your network and servers healthy and running at optimal capacity - that’s not enough for your business users or your management. It’s almost as if you are conversing in different languages. And while you see the spikes in network traffic, you can’t pinpoint why and how they are affecting your applications.

You need to know what / who is on your network

With flow enabled network devices you can quickly see which users, applications, protocols and traffic sources are generating traffic and consuming bandwidth. Maybe some users are doing unexpected things – like streaming large files or doing backups during normal business hours. Or maybe it’s something dangerous – like a virus spreading on your network. But you can only see this on a flow-enabled network. What happens if you don’t have the luxury of turning on flow monitoring across the network – simply because your devices don’t support it or the cost of upgrading to new infrastructure is not in your budget. You’re destined to manage your network with only partial visibility.

Flow Publisher brings Traffic Analysis to Every Corner of your Network

Well, help is on the way. With WhatsUp Gold Flow Publisher, you can get unique insight and visibility into your network traffic for every device – whether they natively support flow monitoring or not. In short, Flow Publisher makes flow monitoring possible for every network segment and for literally every device. By capturing raw traffic from the network and converting it into standard NetFlow records, Flow Publisher puts you in complete control and conversing in a language your users understand.

Flow Publisher Allows You To:

  • Activate network traffic analysis for every network segment and every network device
  • Determine which traffic sources, apps or users are consuming bandwidth
  • No costly upgrade of your devices is required to turn on application flow visibility
  • Get alerted in real-time when monitored traffic parameters breach targeted thresholds
  • Ensure business applications get the bandwidth they need
  • You can access over 40 mobile and web reports for analysis & base-lining