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WhatsUp Gold lets you know what's on your network. Automatically discover all resources and map their connectivity. Build an accurate picture of your network devices, systems and their interconnections, using Layer 2 and 3 network technologies, including ARP, SNMP, ICMP, SSH, LLDP, WMI, Telnet and more.

Easily schedule network discoveries or run them on-demand.

Simplify The Complexity Of Managing Your IT Environment

To help you ensure the availability and performance levels your organization needs from your IT infrastructure, WhatsUp Gold offers an integrated IT monitoring suite at an affordable price. WhatsUp Gold helps you manage networks, including wireless, as well as applications, servers and virtual assets.

In addition, network configuration management, layer 2 and 3 discovery, traffic flow monitoring and more come together in one package that is easy to install and quick to deploy and tailor to your environment.

WhatsUp Gold offers the most functionality at the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry, backed by over 20 years of network management experience and deployments on over 150,000 networks worldwide. Modular architecture allows you to purchase and implement WhatsUp Gold capabilities in phases that meet your goals and priorities.

Key Features


  • Complete Layer 2 and 3 discovery
  • ARP, SSH, SNMP v1-3, IPv4/6 address range, ICMP, LLDP, Smartscan, hosts file…
  • Infrastructure assets - network devices, WAPs and LAN controllers, servers, deployed software, VMware VMs, VLANs and port-to-port connectivity
  • On-demand or scheduled discovery
  • Scan partial or entire network
  • Automatically update maps and inventory Mapping
  • Detailed Layer 2/3 topology maps with wired, wireless, physical and virtual infrastructures
  • Physical and IP connectivity, VMware host-guest relationships, VLAN and subnet views, physical system location
  • Full map customization
  • Visualization of device dependencies and multi-level topology
  • Layer 2 Trace Route utility
  • Save, print or share maps with your team Monitoring
  • SNMP, SSH and WMI Support
  • Wireless infrastructure: bandwidth consumption, client count, rogue count, RSSI data, CPU utilization, signal-to-noise ratio and memory utilization
  • Up to 20,000 devices and 100,000 monitors with single WhatsUp Gold server
  • Enhanced real-time monitoring with Split - Second Graphs and InstantInfo
  • WMI application monitoring
  • Hardware monitoring (i.e. UPS, printer, fan, temperature)
  • Synthetic application monitoring
  • Custom monitoring: Jscript, VBScript & PowerShell
  • SQL Query Monitor for SQL Server, My SQL & Oracle
  • MIB Walker, MIB Explorer and MIB Manager
  • Performance monitors (i.e. CPU utilization, disk space, memory)
  • Preconfigured active/passive monitors
  • Support for both 32- and 64-bit counters Inventory
  • Comprehensive asset and inventory reporting
  • Device & asset information: hardware, software, firmware, model, power supplies, serial number
  • Systems inventory information: OS version, patches and warranty information
  • Configuration information: interfaces, bridge ports, switch ports and VLANs
  • IP/MAC Address Finder utility Alerts, Reporting & Management
  • Centralized alerting for all performance issues, traffic bottlenecks and configuration errors
  • 200+ customizable dashboard reports
  • Configurable multi-escalation policies
  • Blackout reports/alert suppression
  • Role-based management with Active Directory integration
  • Scheduling of recurring reports and report distribution
  • Report export as email, Excel® or PDF
  • 18 types of configurable alerts including email, pager and SMS text Security
  • FIPS 140-2 encryption and validation, Cert #1051 by NIST
  • Auto detection of a FIPS 140-2 validated operating system
  • Role-based access control and integration with Active Directory and LDAP services