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Failover Manager 500 Devices Annual

Set up a failover WhatsUp Gold server to take over if the primary server goes down or loses connectivity for unplanned reasons. 500 devices Annual Subscription.
SKU: NA-61IF-0160

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The WhatsUp Gold Failover Manager plug-in is designed to make your network monitoring and management tasks even more resilient for high availability operation.

It ensures continuous visibility into the health of the monitored infrastructure when the performance or connectivity of the primary WhatsUp Gold server is impaired. In such cases a secondary "failover" server can be automatically set to take over monitoring tasks. WhatsUp Gold Failover Manager is fully integrated into the Alert Center for appropriate notifications and escalations.

With WhatsUp Gold Failover Manager you can:

  • Set up Primary and Secondary WhatsUp Gold servers for manual or automatic failover
  • Select specific event occurrences and conditions that can trigger ‘failover’ and ‘failback’
  • Ensure monitoring data protection through the support for remote database operation
  • Remotely manage the failover process from anywhere on the network
  • Report failover actions in the Alert Center for single console operations management
  • Virtually eliminate the risk of ‘dark periods’ or monitoring data loss

Note: The plug-in module requires a base installation of a WhatsUp Gold core product (i.e., WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition, Distributed Edition, Standard Edition or MSP Edition – Version 14.2 or above).

If you already own a WhatsUp Gold core product, one of our technical representatives will contact you after purchase to get your serial number to validate the purchase.